For over 20 years, RGU Expert GmbH manages organization and software solutions for foundries and process manufacturers. Our specialization helped us build up a very high knowledge in the field of organizational management. This knowledge is aimed to develop future-oriented solutions for our customers.


What we offer you:

  • Complete solutions for production planning and system control for foundries and other process manufacturers,
  • Expert systems for planning time organization and costing calculation,
  • Software tools for reports and data analysis,
  • Organizational consulting

"Organizational consulting and the use of modern computer technology are only used purposefully if embedded and realized in an overall strategy."

Stefan Throm – managing director RGU Expert GmbH

Planning production is one of the most difficult tasks in a company. In times of short resources, it is becoming increasingly important that these planning processes are optimally supported. RGU Expert has completely redesigned the (detailed) planning and uses a new graphical planning board component to visualize the processes. Detailed planning calculates suggestions for the optimal production sequence and visualizes possible resource bottlenecks. The program supports many APS functions.


Some features of the new detailed planning tool

  • Integration of the MRP (disposition) of the ERP system (full synchronization)
  • Minimization of lead time and inventories by creating production combinations
  • Optimization and visualization of the complete production stages
  • Free planning of alternative resources (personnel, tools, equipment, etc.)
  • Reservation of resources and capacity
  • Reduction of the planning effort
  • High transparency of the production processes and the order status


It is often not always easy to clearly display data in your system. WebInfo solves this problem and gives you new insights into your data. WebInfo allows easy and quick access to your company's information that is needed on a day-to-day basis to control operational processes and improve communication with customers and suppliers.

Find out more about the possibilities of WebInfo here.

The charging and melting guide of the RGU Expert puts you in a position to make better use of your input material and save both costs and energy. By connecting all the usual aggregates of a melting shop, from the charge crane to the last temperature measurement, machine data can be recorded and assigned directly and thus generate the optimal benefit for you.

Download the GSF brochure as PDF.