MER expert

MER expert is a program for the determination of formulas for planned time, costs, prices, etc.

     -The principle


Multiple influence magnitudes calculation

The applications of math. statistics in the range of the work scheduling are theoretically well-known for decades. Its practical application was however usually limited on graphic approximation solutions, because the determination of statistical indicators and the mathematical equations with a very large cost of computation was connected.

The MER uses extensive statistical and mathematical methods, which are however so regenerated that they give an simple and straightforward equipment to the user for decision making to the hand.

The EDP is able to shorten these computing times significantly, and with help from MER expert, it is also possible non-mathematicians, mathematical and statistical problems to be solved quickly and reliably.

Mathematical statistics

The mathematical statistics is divided into three important main areas:

  • The spot survey by frequency analysis is the measuring orifice, which is to indicate deviations between desired values and actual values essentially.
  • The correlation analysis presents the dependencies of the individual sizes of the spot survey among themselves. Range of application is the influence causal research.
  • The influence magnitudes calculation is the regulating element, with whose assistance deviations can be explained and if necessary interferences into the control loop to the improvement of the agreement of desired and actual values.

Example of an MER calculation

Graphical display of a MER euqation