GFS expert - Melting guide

The success of foundry is more and more based on the digitalization of its processes. The optimal usage of material and resources in the area of your melting department and in the overall melting process is especially crucial due to high energy and raw material costs. The right digitalization supports you in improving your energy and material consumption reduction. Melting Guide, your melting guide by RGU Expert, improves your productivity and makes all previously opaque transactions transparent.

Melting Guide was developed with a full integration of your work environment and processes in mind.

Freely configurable charge composition along the process, inclusion of multiple furnaces, usage of data from scales, spectrometer or temperature measuring devices is integrated into Melting Guide, if applicable. Melting Guide is made with emergency plans, if the automatic capturing of production data is interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances. All operations can also be configured to be operated completely manually.

In the standard version of the system, Melting Guide is fully integrated in the ERP system structura by IPS Expert. Still, all features of Melting Guide can be used alone or in connection with your pre-existing management system. Quality and consumption data can be exported as data records.

Based on the chemical composition of your purchase and raw material, the calculation for the starting composition is automatically calculated as well as the amount of additives to be added after the first spectrometer result, which will be shown on your terminal.

Target charge make-up plans and different variants are easily entered. The reuslting composition is calculated automatically. All target charge make-up plans are built up using specially entered or transfered articles from a pre-existing system. Even stock taking of your raw material and additives is easily done in the system.

All casting material types can be used. Each process step can even be defined individually. Optimization parameters can be defined for a cost and stock-based optimization calculation for the charge make-up, therefore creating always the right casting material at the lowest cost.

Work instructions can be distributed on several terminal. The connection of machine data like crane scale, temperature measurement, spectrometer and furnace data is feasible. All quality relevant data is collected and saved in one place.

GSF expert - Melting guide
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