RGU Expert GmbH

Software systems for companies of tomorrow

It is our goal to further the digitalization together with our customers. Therefore, we aim for software system with a longlasting effect and improvement of all processes. We design together with you the digitalization process to achieve the optimal output for you. This is why we can offer you new developments and systems which might be already in liking.

As an independent software developer, we are always able to respond to your special requirements in an agile manner. We can guarantee you a flexible and agile approach in all development steps as well as in the introduction of our systems as your software solution. We also design and design projects specially adapted to your process and thus achieve a solution that was created for you. All requirements placed on us are carried out with a project-oriented team to your satisfaction.

Our team consists of interdisciplinary staff, which, in addition to our IT developer team, also includes lateral entrants from the industry in order to be available to customers in the introductory phase and for problem solving on site.

Our ERP system structura is supplemented by our flexible software solutions for production data acquisition and personnel time recording. Our systems are used in a wide variety of companies from different industries. We will continue to support you in the following areas:

- The ERP system for sales management, purchase management and MES
- Software systems for reporting, data analysis and costing analysis
- Organizational topics regarding industrie 4.0