Target analysis

For us each new partnership begins with the definition of the qualitative and quantitative business objectives. We imagine here oneself into the enterprise and see it with whose eyes, without letting professional blinkers arise.

     -The process

Strategy development

Within this process by us goals are made concrete and structured. Thereupon, we develop scenarios, making transparent the influence of strategic decisions regarding issues such as



     -Growth and


Organizational structure

Only if the goal and the strategy are clearly recognizable, the necessary foundation for the transformation and reorganization of the organization is created. For us organization may be not a rigid structure, but must allow permanent transformation.

Because only guarantee this organization and the right tools, that the fixed strategy in the enterprise is existent and seizes.

Especially for foundries, this is an indispensable necessity, because flexibility in many cases becomes here to the crucial competition factor.

Therefore, the entire workflow management must not only be coherent in itself, but should be supported by a EDP system, which becomes fair all requirements.