Staff time logging

The working time of your employees becomes ever more valuable, therefore this resources must be planned, seized and evaluated optimally.

In practice the outcome of this is, dependent on industry and organization, different requirements:

  • Working times should not to be held and counted any longer complicated and complex by hand/attendance recorder, but to be captured electronically and evaluated.
  • Time absent (vacation, business trip, illness etc.) and individual account standards are to be considered automatically.
  • General activities (overhead costs activities) must be booked on cost centres and projects or distributed afterwards on these.
  • The presence of the employee must be to production planning and control (PPC) at the disposal, so that the capacity or rather detailed planning can count on reliable personnel data.
  • etc.

The efficient and way to manage your staff’s PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and required qualification.

This addition to your personnel management contains the management and allocation of required PPE, training documents and execution, management of qualification validity and all necessary documents.

Never let important dates pass by unnoticed with integrated reporting function to remind you what is important.

Your win:

     - Save daily operation knwoing every employee is checked-up and trained

     - No more hectic searching for the right document

     - Development joined by industrial physician

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