Production planning

Production control is one of the most difficult tasks in an enterprise. It consists in inducing, monitoring and saving the task performance concerning quantity, schedule, quality and costs. The very complex module production control from structura just as the overall package especially aims at the requirements of a foundry enterprise and controls the processes from model provision via core production, moulding, casting, emptying, cleaning, controlling including the mechanical treatment.


The most important performance features in summary:

  • Managing capacities according to capacity groups
  • Adopting the planning orders from the module disposition or directly from the customer order; setting up stock completion orders
  • Subdivision of the production orders in production lots
  • Scheduling and dispatching the capacity requirements in the dialogue with presentation of capacity utilization
  • Date monitoring with the possibility of automatically rescheduling arrears; dialogue information concerning production progress
  • Management of tools (box, model components)
  • Creating day plans for the moulding plant as well as the important processes; combination of mixing plates at the moulding plant; printing working papers
  • Reporting of performance and of scrap via barcode with direct link to wage data evaluation
  • Production statistic with comparison of planned and consumed quantities and times.

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