Cost calculation is based upon the master data and process layouts existing in the system. At the resources, the standard billing costs are managed according to a validity date. With this, also future cost rates can be used for costing.


Each material or work cycle can be assigned to up to three cost groups. With this, it becomes possible to structure the costing according to:

  • Production cost blocks (the perspective of view of the technician of the data),
  • To cost centre costs (the perspective of view of the controller on the data) and
  • To price blocks (the perspective of view of the sales department on the data)

With standard costing, the billing costs are determined and saved.


It is also possible to calculate several product structures simultaneously in the batch run. This will be the case when assembly parts have to be calculated.


The scrap risks can be indicated in a very differentiated manner.


Increasingly, process costs must be presented defined and with references to pieces in the costing.  structura   has integrated the logics of process cost costing.  It is of special interest for the user that he is able to image his costing model with structura.

  • Model cost calculation with subdivision according to building bodies
  • Casting cost calculation
  • BOM cost calculation

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