Sales order management

structura supports the user extensively in handling his sales business. The modules quotations and customer order management in their functionality are closely associated with the modules planning and costing on one hand, and with production control on the other hand. By this, the overall system of structura fulfils a base concept oriented towards logistic, with the following performance features:

  • Management of master data for customers, representatives and contact persons, master prices according to weight classes and stagger quantities, maintaining a price history.
  • Any number of price types such as base price, annealing, mechanical treatment, MEC, LEC and metal price agreements.
  • Changing prices and price types for a customer or a product group in the batch. Continuous presentation of contribution costing.
  • Handling commercial transactions by suppliers price management. Setting up requests and order initiation.
  • Orders received according to periods and different selection criteria such as product groups, customers, parts families etc.
  • Order summaries according to customers, delivery dates and materials with representation of the gross contributions.
  • Customer call-off management for automobile suppliers with dial-up connection (VDA, ODETTE, EDIFACT, XML).
  • In case of series production, entering the customer requests on the article account.
  • In case of individual production, automatic transfer of the data of a customer order to the module production control without additional capturing effort.

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