Product planning

Product planning means the detailed description of products with relevant influencing factors for the production process, for costing and for distribution tasks. These data are the precondition for successfully using structura . For this reason, the module planning and costing is used by the user at first as a first module of the software.


In summary, it has the following performance features:

  • Administration of the data for materials, production materials, feed-stocks and work cycles.
  • Administration of the data for cast products through pattern data, classification and core data.
  • High degree of automation for setting up process layouts (previously routings) with the possibility to calculate scheduled times via formulas and tables.
  • Pattern administration according to location, including state descriptions and comparison of plan and actual impression; administration of model movement.
  • Administration of BOMs for assembly tasks.
  • Summary reports of the cast parts sorted according to customer, product groups, parts families and other selection features.
  • Administration of drawings and standards according to storage location and validity.
  • Administration of manufacturing hints (manufacturing text).
  •  Documentation administration (archiving functions).

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