Quality management

In the module quality assurance, the user is provided with tools allowing him to analyse, pilot, control and document the quality of his products. Quality control already begins with product planning and ends with the certificate and the analysis of the test results. From this, other new measures are derived.


In this way, exact work planning is the precondition for quality control. Performance features:

  • Chemical and mechanical values as well as detailed work instructions can be assigned to test work cycles/test plans.
  • Melting reports (batches) are managed and the data are assigned to a casting batch or to an individual workpiece.
  • The test bars for the mechanical tests can be managed.
  • Scrap is managed with production location and error type. The same is valid for refinishing and overtime. With this, these cycles can also be evaluated with costs.
  • Test data can be captured directly via interfaces to analytical devices or by manual input.


Auxiliary means for evaluating measurement series:

  • list generator with average costing
  • Courses on printer and workstation
  • Evaluation according to the cumulated frequency method Examining test data with the aid of the multiple influence magnitudes calculation (correlation).
  • The piece number research shows all reports and test results pertaining to the unique piece number.

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