In structura , offer, order, delivery note and invoice are coupled with each other in a control loop. This control loop forcibly supports processing of the transactions with a low number of interfaces. From order entry to automatic invoice generation, the responsibility can be in the hands of one colleague making the necessary decisions in dialogue with the computer system, and who initialises printing of the forms.

The following performance features are provided:

  • Separate invoice addresses
  • Creating the invoices with automatic access to stagger prices, minor amount, alloy and cost surcharges
  • Credit management
  • Daily invoice output protocol including credits
  • Daily and monthly cumulative turnover, consolidated according to product groups
  • Representation of turnover, tonnage, gross contribution, average prices and weights
  • Transmission of the data of invoices and credits to financial accounting (interface file)
  • Representative commission fees calculation
  • Interface to accounts receivable accounting (e.g. SAP, BAAN, Varial, Sage).

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