Information system

Voluminous statistical evaluations support the user in his analysis activity. Saving of statistical data is effected in individual sets or compacted in month values. This principle allows to maintain the data over long time periods in the system - the individual sets are outsourced and finally deleted, while the compacted month data, which need much less disk space, remain in the system.

  • Free design of the evaluations by the user with the aid of a list generator
  • Offer statistic according to customers, product groups, representatives, branches, competitors, reason for refusal etc.
  • Calculation of quotation success rate
  • Order received and turnover statistic according to customers, models, product groups etc.
  • Production statistic for work cycles and production materials with comparison of planned consumption and of the real consumption and of compaction according to cost centres
  • Product group statistic based on the plan values of costing with subdivision of costs in cost blocks; technical parameters for analysis of technical change
  • Turnover evaluation according to ABC customers
  • Frequency analysis, comparison of two influencing factors
  • Direct access to the database adoption of statistic data into the PC and evaluation with the aid of standard programs (trend calculation, prognosis, frequency analysis etc.)
  • Access via a WEB-INFO tool to released data stock in the intranet and internet Dynamical generation of HTML pages (PHP, JAVA)

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