WEB expert makes the on-line inquiry of data from structura FORM possible on the Intranet and Internet. Uncomplicated, fast and clear. WEB expert is the first of a sequence of modules that redfeines your use of structura FORM.

WEB expert consists of the following:

  • The framework
  • The WEB expert basis module.

Further modules (planned):

  • Archiving
  • Sales information and control
  • Machine life cycle and serial number management
  • Determination of sales and development costs for the calculation
  • Product information and documentation


  • User administration
  • Group management
  • Rights management
  • License management


The Framework offers the scope for modules (e.g. WEB expert) to operate efficiently and safely.

System environment:

  • Apache Web server with PHP (free software)
  • ODBC Driver Manager for HP-UX and Linux (free software)
  • SQL/R ODBC server (is not component but must be purchased separately)

WEB expert evaluations


  • Network the information
  • Column selection by search
  • Free choice of the sort
  • Search for different terms
  • Display sel. article master data fields
  • Presentation of seized articles master texts (all text types)
  • Presentation of the classification data (technical data)
  • List of core data
  • Overview of the method plan with presentation of several levels and details
  • Display of the last calculations
  • Overview of the associated casting reports and garbage
  • Document connection
  • Display of the current master prices with price chronicle
  • List of the current orders with detailed view
  • Representation of non- and partially finished orders
  • Price lists to the customer
  • Overview of current offers
  • Display of current orders (with detail information)
  • Sales development by customer
  • Display billing data
  • Presentation of delivery reliability
  • Display production orders (by area)
  • Display feedbacks (by date/order)
  • Order progress
  • Utilization of the manufacturing for the selected time. Presentation of the utilization of the selected capacity groups summarily or after CW for a selected period
  • Itemization per bottleneck
  • Itemization per CW